Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meeting with Representative Bob Lynn

On Sunday, Oct. 14th, three of us met with Representative Bob Lynn (House District 31 - Anchorage)and his aide Dirk Moffatt. For almost two hours we talked about the situation in Darfur. We presented our request for Rep. Lynn's support of legislation calling for the divestment of the Permanent Fund and state pension funds, and before we knew it Rep. Lynn stated that he plans to sponsor legislation to address targeted divestment of the Alaska State Permanent Fund from Sudan during the next session. His office has already begun drafting the legislation!!

And, if that wasn't enough, Rep. Lynn also provided a list of other representatives and senators that he believed would be sympathetic to this cause. We will begin contacting them this week. He warned us that this divestment campaign would not be an easy one. We certainly expect that - money's involved - but this campaign is certainly a worthy one.