Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sinopec Should Not Build Our Pipeline

Save Darfur Anchorage, along with other anti-genocide groups, are urging Governor Palin to reject Sinopec ZPEB's bid to build the Alaska gas pipeline. Sinopec, whose majority shares are owned by the Chinese government, is the leading oil-field services provider in Sudan and a major revenue source for the Sudanese government. In fact, 90% of Sudan's export revenue comes from the oil industry and 70% of that is used to finance the government's military. Despite repeated pleas from anti-genocide groups, Sinopec has refused to alter its operations in Sudan despite the link between the money Sinopec provides to the Sudanese government and the atrocities happening in Darfur.

We urge all to contact Governor Palin and ask her to please reject Sinopec's bid. Ask her to please use this opportunity to take a clear stand against genocide on behalf of all Alaskans. Click on the following for Governor Palin's contact information:

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