Sunday, January 27, 2008

Alaska House State Affairs Committee Reviews HB 287 on Feb. 2nd

Please let your voice be heard this week. The House State Affairs Committee will review HB 287 Saturday, Feb. 2nd. The legislation must pass this committee and then go on to the Finance Committee before it can be voted on on the House floor. Let the State Affairs Committee members know that we Alaskans do not want our state funds invested in companies that help the Government of Sudan continue its genocidal campaign against the long-suffering people of Darfur.

House State Affairs Committee Members:
Chair - Rep. Bob Lynn (465-4931)
Rep. Lynn is sponsoring the legislation, so be sure to commend him for his great work and let him know we support his efforts!
Vice-Chair Rep. Bob Roses (465-4939)
Member Rep. John Coghill (465-3719)
Member Rep. Kyle Johansen (465-3424)
Member Rep. Craig Johnson (465-4993)
Member Rep. Andrea Doll (465-3744)
Member Rep. Max Gruenberg (465-4940)