Friday, February 1, 2008

House State Affairs Committee Review of HB 287 Postponed to Feb. 9th

This postponement gives us another week to contact House State Affairs Committee members and ask them to support HB 287. Please find time this week to contact each member listed below, so that they will have no doubt that Alaskans do not want to profit from genocide!

House State Affairs Committee Members:
Chair - Rep. Bob Lynn (465-4931)
Rep. Lynn is sponsoring the legislation, so be sure to commend him for his great work and let him know we support his efforts!
Vice-Chair Rep. Bob Roses (465-4939)
Member Rep. John Coghill (465-3719)
Member Rep. Kyle Johansen (465-3424)
Member Rep. Craig Johnson (465-4993)
Member Rep. Andrea Doll (465-3744)
Member Rep. Max Gruenberg (465-4940)